About Pacific Santa’s


Company History

Santa Klaws created Pacific Santa’s in 1964 to help fill a need for the Santa image that the Filipino so much needed and wanted. As the years went by and times of change as well as the Hugh economical growth over the last few decades Santa decide to develop part of Pacific Santa’s into a corporate provider and the other half as a charity provider and thus start providing images through printed and other social media with a Hugh focus on Facebook the media of choose.

What The Company Does

Pacific Santa’s is about capturing a moment in time in a photo then preserving that via printed photos and social media. Be it Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s, Valentines, all holidays and every other day in between. Direct from the venues we serve.

Senior Staff

Santa Klaws – CBDO – Dual Masters in MBA and M.S. in Psychology
Edelin A. Toquero  – Treasury – BBA Major in Management Accounting
Donald V Diaz – Corporate Attorney
AJ Vicedo Sioco – Corporate Secretary
Olumide Olawale – Senior VP Accountant

Consulting Staff

Frank Ebrole – Marketing Specialist

Santa’s General Staff

Kayana Grace Klaws – Chief Visual Analyst
Mark Bhanlord Rebato – Video Editor
David Aldrich – CSR Marketing Officer
Jeff Chabot – CSR Marketing Officer


Vision Statement

Our mission for the venues we serve, simply stated, is Create Holiday Magic! We seek to embody the Spirit of the Holiday Season by being ambassadors of Peace and Good Will.

Mission Statement

To bring balance and harmony to the masses, by sharing the gift of Smiles, Laughter, Hugs, and Love. Be it one person or a whole group.


To treat each and every guest as if it was the first ever visit with Santa and his Guardians.

Business Goals & Objectives

The company goal is to provide the finest visitor experience for every guest in every venue. This philosophy is successful. Pacific Santa’s engages visitors with an irresistible sales proposition and creates memorable experiences. Every guest’s impression is important, whether they observe, walk by, visit Santa and his Guardians, or purchase a premium package. This insight yields increased sales and customer loyalty.

Business Strategy

Diversification with emphasis on local and organic growth while maintaining our superior leadership in the Philippine market. To have growth by acquisition, of any future competitors as well as developing the current market Pacific Santa’s already controls and has.

Economic Intent

To make and implement profit making strategies, for the investors and shares holders to have a fair return on their investments, as well as emphasizing of public charities as part of Pacific Santa’s, corporate and public responsibility.

Business Concept

Creating MagicInspiring SmilesCapturing Memories!
Pacific Santa’s is a leading digital event imaging provider choreographing the Santa and his Guardians Experience, as well as destination events at over a 100 shopping center, resort and retail locations annually. Pacific Santa’s creates magic, inspires smiles and captures memories for millions of folks across the Philippines. Pacific Santa’s mission is to deliver remarkable and memorable experiences to our guests through innovative marketing platforms.


Printing photos, bags, hats, cups, t-shirts usb sticks, key chains, frames and other printed souvenirs.


Santa and his Guardians make public appearances at malls and other public venues. Private home visits, and charities across the Philippines.

Business Competitiveness

Pacific Santa’s reaches unparalleled benchmarks with our emphasis on the Experience: Creating Magic, Inspiring Smiles, and Capturing Memories. We deliver more with genuine, naturally bearded Santas, professional suiting, proficient staffing, state of the art equipment and exceptional customer service. In fact, Pacific Santa’s currently has naturally bearded Santas at 100% of our venues!

Service Pledge

To inspire smiles to every single person we serve, and to give the feeling of a great magical memory.

Current Customers & Projects

This is a compact list only not a complete list.

Fisher Mall Fairmont Pepsi De LaSalle, Imus
Manila Ocean Park Mime Productions Century Park Hotel CJH The Manor
City of Guihulngan North Green Hills Image Transforms Bill McKechnie
Nuñez Print Vantage Corp Wilcon ABS-CBN
GMA SM Rustan’s Robinson’s Malls
Globe Cobra Junca Versions
Redstar Premiere Horizon Saint Jude’s
Felt Option Fleece (Manco MCM) MIR Events Management Traditional Western Jeans Pacific Rim Harvester

For More Details:

Please, visit our website for more information about what do.

Also, visit our Facebook page to see 100’s of thousands of photos and some videos of corporate, private and charity venues.

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Loot Bags for the Children

Please, We need your donations to help the children of the Philippines.

Hours & Info

Tel: +63.2.8712.1042 / Fax: +63.2.5310.2375 / Mobile: +63.926.723.1773
Office: 7:00 to 21:00
all other hours by appointment

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